Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodjunk Finds 7/31

It's raining, it's pouring, The Old man is snoring! Yes, I woke up to pouring rain, and thunder soon followed! It was raining off and on but now I can see a few rays of sunshine. Hopefully, their is no rain on the first day of school tomorrow! The rain put a damper on my yardsales today! Sundays you can occasionally find a few, but I saw about 5 listed in the same area for today so last night I made a plan to go. I guess the sellers didn't plan on rain either! I did find a few treasures at the thrift store this week though!
Some vintage sheets with Mickey Mouse, and Snoopy! Snoopy has already sold! YEAH!

Some cute new sandals, if they don't sell they are my size. So no big deal!

Do you remember Caboodles? I loved these things when they came out, and still do! I still have one of my original ones. Little sweetpea also has one to lug around her small toys. I buy them whenever I see them if the latch isn't broken. They are good for holding small items, especially crafty items. Found this one for $3.00. One of the fancy ones with two tiers!


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  1. Super cute sandals! I would keep those for sure. :)

  2. Agreed, Carolyn! Those sandals are SO CUTE! I can never find good shoes like that. Love your story!

  3. I'd keep those sandals, too. Funny about the Caboodle. I just saw one at Goodwill last week, but I passed it up. I remember my daughter using hers so much when she was in high school. Now maybe I should check back to see if it's still there for my granddaughter to use for her small treasures.

  4. I've heard they sell well on eBay!

  5. That's the same Caboodles that my daughter had!!!