Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Guest

How has your summer been so far? We went to San Diego for a weeks, the weather there was great. Cloudy and slowly warmed up during the day. We came back and found a guest! At first my husband thought it was a wasp's nest and was going to knock it down, till he took a closer look! It's actually a hummingbird nest! She built it on a nail, and an old piece of tape!
We named her Barbie!
This weekend will be about two weeks since we noticed the nest. I looked online and it said eggs can take 2-3 weeks to hatch. SO, we will see. My son wants to name one of the babies Frank! lol... Try to stay cool! ~Celina

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweet Vintage

This past week was all about vintage cups! Found these lovely pyrex butterfly gold mugs.
I also found these milk glass cups
How can you not smile when you see this sunshine McDonald's cup?!
I don't know who Joanne Police is, but thank you for your cup!
Nice cup for the husband!
My husband was all giggles like a little kid when we saw this at a yard sale!
Do you know what it is, yet?
It is a Pachinko machine. I had no idea. I never played with one before, and it was also only $5.00 What a deal!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whiney Wednesday!

Everything is not always rainbows and lollipops! So today I am going to whine a bit! 1--Right now I don't feel like selling overseas. I sold a toy in February for $61.00, it cost me $7, and went all the way to Italy. Well, supposedly it never arrived. Two weeks after shipment, the buyer opened a case saying it never arrived. Paypal sided with the buyer and I lost my money! :( I see on other blogs how you can ship internationally with delivery confirmation, well my post office says no, no, no you can't! That's so weird post office, when I see it on other blogs! grrr.... The buyer left me positive feedback, a few weeks later, and I wonder why. Was it becausee they realized they overbid, and really didn't want to pay $61.00, and did receive it? or....because they got their money back and didn't receive it? 2--I found a pat pat rocket the other day at the thrift store, but it was missing the lid, with no figures. I bought it anyways, it was a $1.00. Hope to still make a few bucks. 3--My oldest son is still sick, I got a call from the school Monday saying he wasnt feeling well. He gets horrible migraines, ever since he was 3. 4--My daughter doesn't like Choco Tacos? What? lol...She said they are to squishy!
5--Their are a lot of cricket sounds for me on ebay auctions right now! Just sold enough to pay my fees. 6--I hope my husband wants to go the garden show this weekend. It really is fun and some places are so beautiful. We went last year but this year a few more houses have been added. That's it for now! Any one else have anything to whine about? Have a good day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Irises in bloom

This is my favorite time of the year when the irises are blooming!

Gladys Austin

This is one of my favorites, Peggy Sue! A lovely peach color and she is a rebloomer so she also blooms in the fall!

Have a great day! The past two days were super hot in the 90's and today it's raining! Go figure! Cheers!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Vintage Finds

Hope your Easter holiday was joyous, and you are enjoying your spring season. Weather here in Southern CA is so crazy. It's been hot the past few days and supposedly its suppose to rain tomorrow and part of this weekend.

Here are two treasures I found:

These sweet bunnies just in time for Easter!

Here is my favorite find! I loved Wonder Woman as a kid, so imagine my eyeballs popping out of my head when I found this cake pan set for only a $1.00, with the box. The box is supper worn but I don't care!

It even came with the plastic face!

I still think Wonder Woman rocks! Have a great day and check out these parties I'm partying at!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Consignment sale Finds

I found quite a few good items at the consignment sale.

Backyardigans plush lot (completed listings on ebay)

Little Einsteins talking Annie Doll (completed lsitings)

Handy Manny Toolbox (completed listings)

A Spongebob lego set new in box, leapster games NEW! Toy Story figures, Olivia Plush, and a Dora Magical Castle. The castle was only $10.00 with accesories. I think I'm going to flip it at the next sale in a few weeks. Everything else I purchased was $5.00 or under.

On discount day, I found some geotracks, for $5.00, some more leapster games for $3.00, clothes for little sweetpea, and a few toys for my classroom. I am glad I made more money than I spent, which is always fun!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

Last weekends High School rummage sale was a bust! Found a few books but that was it! Stopped at another rummage sale and found this Racing jacket.

We went to Mr. Goodjunks sisters house in the OC and stopped at a little thrift store. I found these items plus about 10 pieces of clothing. I took my items up to the counter and the lady said $7.00 for everything!
Woo-hoo! I should make my money back just by selling the Bumbo chair or the baby activity toy that are now sitting at a consignment sale along with the clothes I found.
Some of those clothes already sold too! Yesterday, consignors and volunteers got to shop early. Today it is open to the public until Friday.
I hope to get some pics of my finds up.

Have a good day! Happy treasures to you.