Monday, September 26, 2011

Consignment Part 2

Yeah, I worked my shifts which were very exhausting! It reminded me of my days in retail! Very busy, especially on Sunday when most items were 50% off. I sold 5 items Thursday, 12 items Saturday, 26 items Friday, and 26 on Sunday. For a grand total of 69 items sold. All of my items with the exception of one were 50% off on Sunday. 60% of my items sold, which nets me a little over $300.00! Yeah! Most items I paid a dollar or less for. 3 items I paid $3-5. Now I need to pick up my items that didn't sell, retag them for the next sale, and go find some more items to sell at the next one! ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Consignment Update Part 1

Thursday, the sale was open to volunteers and sellers for 3 hours. I sold five items. A sit n spin, a book lot, and three clothing items. Total of $44.00. One item of clothing was Little Sweetpea's brown courdoroy dress with pink polka dots! Oh, how I loved that dress on her, but it was time to let it go! Today Mr. Goodjunks and I left for today's early sale, they were also going to have a baby shower for expectant mommies, and then open to the public. The place was filled with tons of baby strollers, bouncers, and any baby item you could think of. Tons of clothes in a variety of sizes! They had two tables with toys, and two shelves. I found these items:

Mickey Mouse playhouse Matchbox $2.00
Clifford dog house $3.00. I think I may just consign it at the next sale in a few weeks. It only has 3 figures. Not many listed on ebay, or sold.
Little Einstein Rocket--I was happy when I spied this, but it has no figures with it. :( It still seems to sell okay though, even without the figures. Approx. $10-$20. Paid $5.00

I found some clothes for little sweetpea, she is in need of pants, and I'm glad I found some. Seems she went through a growth spurt!

I love this dress, wish it was in my size!

No total on today sales. Tomorrow I work my first volunteer shift, and I am also volunteering on Sunday. I am going to be very busy if Saturday and Sunday are just as busy at it was this morning!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would you like some candy?

Found this at the thrift store yesterday, and it was priced at $5.00!

Linking up with Sir Thrift A lot.

Yeah, I can breathe!

The last week has been VEERRRYYYYY stressful. I signed up for my first consignment sale, about a month ago, and it is this weekend. I waited, and waited, and waited to start organizing my items I was going to take. I am probably the best procrastinator out there! I barely printed my tags two days ago, and today, Wednesday, was my drop off apointment. UUGHHHH...Last night was a very long night, making sure the toys were clean, small items were bagged, and battery operated toys were working. Tape, scissors, Mr. Clean magic eraser, hangers, and safety pins have been my best friends these past few days! Here are some of the items I took to consign..

I had a total of 115 items, mostly toys. Toys I never, didn't have time to post on ebay, and or procrastinated posting, toys that didn't sell, and toys that I was waiting to get a bigger selecton of. I must say I do feel better about having those items out of my house, since now there is a little dent of room in my garage! Hopefully alot of them don't come back, or if they do it's okay 'cause I have another consignment show in a few weeks.

I was good and didn't go to any thrift stores this past week, well, I did yesterday. Got a few books, and two puzzles. Saturday I went to a few yard sales. I had 4 planned but two were no show yard sales. Advertised, but nobody and no items outside. Perhaps the slight drizzle scared them away?! It didn't last long though, and didn't seem to scare away the other yardsalers! The first yard sale, (really, should have been 3rd yard sale) mostly had clothes. I bought a few shirts for little sweetpea and a Christmas nightgown still new with tag for $3.50. Oopps, sorry no pic.
Last, but not least yardsale, had me doing a happy dance! I found this pyrex bread pan for a $1.00, and the glass butter dish for 50 cents.
As I was walking away I peeked into a box and spyed with my little eye some tracks that said Tomy on them. I knew they had to be Thomas, I moved the tracks around and saw some Thomas trains. I asked how much, and the nice little boy said $3.00 for everything. Okay, sold!
I already packaged them nicely, and listed them on ebay! Yeah, me. There's one thing I didn't procrastinate about this week!
Hope you all found some great treasures, and have a relaxing week!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yeah, I won some pyrex lovlies at one of the thrift stores I frequent. Towards the back of the thrift store they have an area dedicated to items they are auctioning off. It's ssssooooo fun, yet so dangerous! I saw these and wanted to bid on them!

I saw that someone had already bid $5.00, so I placed a bid for $10.00. The thrift store has this rolling screen with an item number of the piece up for auction, and previous bid placed. It kinda reminds me of being at the doctors office and waiting for your name to scroll across and see that your medicine is ready! lol...Anyways, I received the phone call Tuesday that I won, yeah, and had 24 hours to pick them up. My lucky bid of $10.00, won these bowls! We were heading out of town Wednesday to enjoy 4 days of camping fun, so I told Mr. Goodjunks we had to stop at the the thrift store before we left for the trip. He agreed, but, not before adding his two cents.....more bowls? really? Don't we have enough? ~No dear, we don't!~
Here they are, individually:
Love the turquoise color, and I was happy because I didn't have any bowls shaped like this.

Here's Ms. Flamingo Pink. I'm not much of a pink girl, so I will probably sell her eventually.

Love the orange, perfect for fall!

Last but not least, Little Butterprint bowl!

Don't these two, look great together?!

As I was taking pictures, I realized that little Butterprint bowl makes my Butterprint collection up to 4 pieces now! Okay, soooo..I took some pics of all my Butterprints.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monthly Review-August sales

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. It is raining off and on here in "Sunny" California!
On a brighter note I had 18 sales this month on Ebay! YEAH! Also 4 sales in my Etsy shop. I have been laggin on that, and haven't been posting new items much!
Here's some items I sold on ebay:
This Hershey's recipe box sold for $14.50, bought for a $1.00.

This Geo Trax set sold for $24.99, paid $10.00 new in box. Probably could have got more during Christmas, but the tags on my truck are due, and ebay fees. GRRRR...both are not pretty prices!

My best sale was probably Barney. Paid $1.50 for him, and someone bought him for my $24.99 buy it now price within 1 day! YEAH!

Have a good day and happy sales!