Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweet Vintage

This past week was all about vintage cups! Found these lovely pyrex butterfly gold mugs.
I also found these milk glass cups
How can you not smile when you see this sunshine McDonald's cup?!
I don't know who Joanne Police is, but thank you for your cup!
Nice cup for the husband!
My husband was all giggles like a little kid when we saw this at a yard sale!
Do you know what it is, yet?
It is a Pachinko machine. I had no idea. I never played with one before, and it was also only $5.00 What a deal!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whiney Wednesday!

Everything is not always rainbows and lollipops! So today I am going to whine a bit! 1--Right now I don't feel like selling overseas. I sold a toy in February for $61.00, it cost me $7, and went all the way to Italy. Well, supposedly it never arrived. Two weeks after shipment, the buyer opened a case saying it never arrived. Paypal sided with the buyer and I lost my money! :( I see on other blogs how you can ship internationally with delivery confirmation, well my post office says no, no, no you can't! That's so weird post office, when I see it on other blogs! grrr.... The buyer left me positive feedback, a few weeks later, and I wonder why. Was it becausee they realized they overbid, and really didn't want to pay $61.00, and did receive it? or....because they got their money back and didn't receive it? 2--I found a pat pat rocket the other day at the thrift store, but it was missing the lid, with no figures. I bought it anyways, it was a $1.00. Hope to still make a few bucks. 3--My oldest son is still sick, I got a call from the school Monday saying he wasnt feeling well. He gets horrible migraines, ever since he was 3. 4--My daughter doesn't like Choco Tacos? What? lol...She said they are to squishy!
5--Their are a lot of cricket sounds for me on ebay auctions right now! Just sold enough to pay my fees. 6--I hope my husband wants to go the garden show this weekend. It really is fun and some places are so beautiful. We went last year but this year a few more houses have been added. That's it for now! Any one else have anything to whine about? Have a good day!