Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mystery Utensil

I saw this at an estate sale. Probably the cheapest thing there. Items at estate sales here are so expensive, and some sellers will even have signs what a particular item sells for on ebay and charge you just as much or maybe $10 less. Not much of a profit if you are a reseller. Anyways, this was 50 cents!
What is it? I'm not sure. It was in a jar with some other kitchen utensils. At first I thought it was a garden tool, but the handle is thin. Perhaps to use with some meat?
As you can see from the pic, this utensil overpowers my meat! lol... If anyone knows what it is, that would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodjunk Finds and Inspiration

Found a few things at the thrift store this week.
Some toys to sell:

Also this hobnail milk glass vase and letters. I found the large A first then the small ones that connect together. Wish there was more or I would have found the rest to see what the little ones spelled.

I plan on turning them into xmas present ornaments like this:
Image via Pinterest
image via pinterest
or this:

image via pinterest
I love Pinterest, there is so much inspiration!

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Scary Planter

Umm..yeah, scary planter?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flower Flower Hippo

Yes, she could be yours and hold some lovely flowers for you!

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Block Sale Part 2

So, after the first block sale Saturday, we came home and ate a bit and headed out for the next sale. I found all these plush toys at one house:

Here are some more toys, If you find one of these Foofa toys, it's a pain to get to the batteries~just sayin!:

Some books:

Some lovely Fiestaware. I'm keeping a few pieces and giving the rest to my mom for her collection. When I first asked the lady how much for the fiestaware she said $4.00. I replied each piece?, she said, No, for all! YEAH~SOLD!

2 of these "Ugly" Christmas Sweater Vests by Avon. I hear people buy these for parties on ebay.

This cloche cheese dome:

Which now holds a glitter spider spinning a web!

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Have a good day!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Block Yard Sale Part 1

This weekend was very busy! I went to two block sales! YEAH! I will just write about the first one in this post. I look forward to this sale every year. They usually do it the weekend after Labor Day and I was thinking maybe they decided to skip it this year, but as I was looking on Craigslist for yard sales the past weekend, I saw a posting for it! It's not that far either, just about two blocks away. Here are some things I scored!
Quite a few plush toys. Hope to get them listed sometime this month. I say month 'cause, well, this past week was a good plush week for me.

Golf toy $1.00

Love this Madeline set! $1.00

Jessie Toy Story Boots $1.00

Sweet Elves. I haven't seen any like this with striped legs before.

Old Tea tins. I plan to put magnets on the back of them, and use on my fridge. Griswold Cast Iron flue cover.

Vintage sheets with yellow flowers to add to my yellow sheet collection. One day I would like to make a quilt for my bed using all my yellow sheets!

Hope you found some good treasures!