Friday, September 23, 2011

Consignment Update Part 1

Thursday, the sale was open to volunteers and sellers for 3 hours. I sold five items. A sit n spin, a book lot, and three clothing items. Total of $44.00. One item of clothing was Little Sweetpea's brown courdoroy dress with pink polka dots! Oh, how I loved that dress on her, but it was time to let it go! Today Mr. Goodjunks and I left for today's early sale, they were also going to have a baby shower for expectant mommies, and then open to the public. The place was filled with tons of baby strollers, bouncers, and any baby item you could think of. Tons of clothes in a variety of sizes! They had two tables with toys, and two shelves. I found these items:

Mickey Mouse playhouse Matchbox $2.00
Clifford dog house $3.00. I think I may just consign it at the next sale in a few weeks. It only has 3 figures. Not many listed on ebay, or sold.
Little Einstein Rocket--I was happy when I spied this, but it has no figures with it. :( It still seems to sell okay though, even without the figures. Approx. $10-$20. Paid $5.00

I found some clothes for little sweetpea, she is in need of pants, and I'm glad I found some. Seems she went through a growth spurt!

I love this dress, wish it was in my size!

No total on today sales. Tomorrow I work my first volunteer shift, and I am also volunteering on Sunday. I am going to be very busy if Saturday and Sunday are just as busy at it was this morning!


  1. Did you sell your pat pat rocket yet? I sold one on ebay with only 2 figures for $50 or more I cant remember exactly so dont list yours that low I would do BIN with BO and wait

  2. Yeah, I already sold my rocket for $24.99. I don't have a store, although I think about it from time to time. Right now I just use the free listings.