Monday, April 2, 2012

Consignment sale Finds

I found quite a few good items at the consignment sale.

Backyardigans plush lot (completed listings on ebay)

Little Einsteins talking Annie Doll (completed lsitings)

Handy Manny Toolbox (completed listings)

A Spongebob lego set new in box, leapster games NEW! Toy Story figures, Olivia Plush, and a Dora Magical Castle. The castle was only $10.00 with accesories. I think I'm going to flip it at the next sale in a few weeks. Everything else I purchased was $5.00 or under.

On discount day, I found some geotracks, for $5.00, some more leapster games for $3.00, clothes for little sweetpea, and a few toys for my classroom. I am glad I made more money than I spent, which is always fun!

Have a good day!

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