Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello and It's HOT HOT HOT!

Hello everyone!
This is my blog, Sweetpea's goodjunks. Sweetpea was a name my husband gave me once upon a time and goodjunks is a term my husband likes to use everytime I go out to the thrift stores or anywhere really.  He says, "Did you get any goodjunks?"  This blog will mostly be about my thrifting adventures and posting my "goodjunk" finds! Here in Sunny CA, it will be 100 degrees all week! Blah.  We are also planning on having a yard sale tomorrow, we'll see how long that will last!!
Last week I made a stepping stone!
Here it is all laid out in an old round cake pan on contact paper. Then you pour in the mixed cement. Let it sit for about three days and this is what you get!
I will have to give a more in depth tutorial later! :)

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