Monday, July 11, 2011

My hubby is An Angel!

Saturday morning hubby went out to look at some yard sales. He came home and surprised me with this sweet angel for the garden!
She was only 5 dollars. Then he says, the lady had another one too! Well, silly husband why didn't you get that one too? His reply was, one is enough. Okay, I can't complain since he brought home the one as a lovely surprise, but if I was with him you bet I would have grabbed both!
He also came home with these Chinese Fortune sticks for 25 cents a way better deal than 12.99( the original price tag was still on the bottom)

According to the directions on the can, You shake the can and pick the stick that comes out the most.

Here is what I picked, "You will have a bad dream but no harm will follow"
hhhhhhmmmmm...well, no bad dreams so far. Wishing everyone good dreams!

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