Friday, July 22, 2011

This week was all about books

I sold a quilting book on ebay for $10.50 and a relationship book for $7.99. The quilting book cost me $1.10. I also bought 6 other quilting books from the thrift store for the same price but none of the others sold. Even if I count the prices of those books I still made a profit. I'll probably just give the others to a friend who quilts. The relationship book cost me $1.60, which leaves a good profit. A lot of 4 Arthur board books sold for $14.00.

I sold this book on etsy for $10.00, and it was only listed for a few days, yeah!

I originally got it from a bag sale from one of the local libraries. Each library differs in price and bag size. Prices range from $2-4 dollars a bag. Some use the plastic bags, like the ones you get from the grocery store, or a brown paper bag. I love going to bag sales, the kids can get some books, and sometimes I find a good book for me or my mom. Libraries will sometimes also have magazines, dvd's, cd's, and vhs tapes you can put in your bag.

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