Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rags to Riches

I'm tired after another day on the beach! YEAH! SO this is quick and sweet. I will share my thrifty finds in another post.
You have heard of a little show called Storage Wars, right?! and one of the stars Dave Hester, right?! YYYUUUUPPP! (sorry, couldn't resist) If you watch the show then you know he has a thrift store here in Southern California. We stopped before heading home.

He has a lot of furniture, quite pricy I might add. Kudos to the people who buy it, and him since he reaps a great profit! Location, Location, Location! He has a little bitty section with clothes and shoes.

So when I'm out thrifting around, I will think of Dave's prices and try not to be so cheap!! (sometimes)

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