Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodjunk Finds 7/25

Mr. Goodjunks was up and running about 7am Friday morning! (he's such an early bird) He went to a yard sale and found me the cutest things for our bathroom. Our bathroom is a sea theme, but you will have to wait until the end of this post to see what he got! :)
When he brought home my lovely gift he told me there was an apartment complex having a sale. So I got ready and figured since we would be running about, I would check Craigslist for some other yard sales in the area. Well, the apartment sale was a bust. All I bought was a shirt for my son, a shirt for me, and a knock knock joke book for my daughter.
At another yard sale, I bought this mask, knowing my boys would wear it.

Yard Sale stop #2 had some ebay treasure waiting for me!
I took a chance on this YU Gi Oh dragon for $5.00

I also found these Halloween Simpsons Burger King Meal toys, 25 cents each. In the completed listing section, some of these have already sold. Still deciding to wait closer to Halloween or list now

I also found this wire rectangular basket. Then came Mr. Goodjunks favorite question: "What are you going to do with that?" My reply "I don't know yet, it will come to me sooner or later"

Last but not least was yard sale #3.
Found some Pumpkin lights by Hallmark, old recipe cards, Scrabble crossword/domino game, and some Clifford books. I love Clifford, oh, and my daughter does too! How could I resist with the sweet bundle of books tied together? Did you know John Ritter did his voice in the PBS cartoon? I knew the voice sounded familiar but I could never place it, and I never thought to check the credits.

Now to the best finds. Mr. Goodjunks brought home these vintage seahorses and fish! I also love how their are three small seahorses since we have 3 kids. Each piece was 25 cents!

We also found part of an old door in an alley! Probably put out in the garden!

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  1. Great finds! Man, I love those fishies!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love those vintage fishes too...their fat little cheeks are so sweet. The wire basket is lovely too. Fab finds.

  3. Fun finds and the old door/gate is very cool!
    Thanks for visiting me.