Monday, August 1, 2011

Possible Slip?

Last week when I was at the thrift store, I saw a plastic container full of playdoh items. I looked, put it down, looked again and noticed some Disney Winnie the Pooh molds, the price was $3.00 and I was undecided. There wasn't a bunch of tape wrapped around the box, like most items in the thrift store I frequent, so I opened it and noticed a doll. I thought, weird, why would a doll be in here? I looked on her back and she had 1991 and Kenner. I was still baffled, little sweetpea said It's a doll mom, and you put the playdoh inside and it grows! DUH! Thank you little sweetpea. I closed the box, like a good thrifter should, and looked it up on my phone. I saw some buy it nows, ranging from $30-$80.00. I also looked up completed listings, but their was none! Things like this baffle me. Is it because the toy is rare?, most are in the landfills turned into a new plastic?, or everyone is holding on to them? I didn't end up buying the box, good or bad mistake?
Maybe I will see you next time Kenner Playdoh Dolly.

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