Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sometimes you Gotta Dig...

Well, little sweetpea caught a nasty virus and that nasty thing got me Saturday night! Mr. N is now sick and let's just say there is a lot of washing, lysol, and bleach spraying going on! Before the bug caught me I did manage to get to the thrift store and a few yard sales! Yeah!
Here's some thrifty finds:
Milk glass and Kitchen goods
Love these Meadow Green Ramekins/custard cups by Fire King

Amish Pyrex Baking dish

Here are some plush toys I found.

The first yard sale of the day had some gems! There was 4 boxes full of toys. I go to the first one and there is a box full of Polly Pocket items! I was so exicted, thanks to Yard Sale Mommy. I told, ummmm...sorry, asked Mr. Goodjunks if he would ask the nice teen girl how much the box was. She came over and said $5.00. Yeah..sold! I then saw a bag full of Barbie accesories, guess what, another $5.00.

Yeah, so I am guarding my finds, while Mr. Goodjunks is asking the teen girl about some books. Behind me I heard a mom tell her daughter she could pick one thing. This little cutie in a sweet voice, said, "There's so much I don't know what to choose"! There was some ahhh's and giggles from other yardsalers around. I was so wrapped up in her cuteness I didn't see the ziplock bag full of Barbie clothes she picked. Oh well, I hope she enjoys them, you can't win them all! Then I see this lady digging in a box and finding those Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds. I'm thinking this is crazy, I could be here all day digging through these boxes. I called the teen girl over, and asked her how much for all the boxes. She was in shock, and then comes her momma bear! Momma bear was just watching as we were negotiating, but still had that momma look in her eyes. First teen girl said $30.00. I thought I really want to pay $30.00 for all this, and I confirmed that would also include the Pollys and Barbie accesories she said yes. Mr. Goodjunks was just starring at me and waiting to go, he already asked me 10 times if we were done yet! hahaha
Teen girl then threw out $25.00, because she still wanted her Barbies. I agreed and said okay, we all have to keep some part of our childhood, right?
Here's a peek into one of my boxes. I found some Bratz dolls, and Harry Potter figures!

On our way home, we see another house with boxes of toys! There was three boxes, and as I'm going through the first one I see an adorable little mermaid doll. The nice lady says, she only needs batteries, she sings, and her tail moves. 25 cents if you want it! Yeah, this is going to be a great sale! I see a bag in another box with some tracks, and it happens to be a Geotrax set. I asked her how much and she said $2.00. I also grabbed the Division Leap Frog toy and bag. Total: $4.50, I had 5 ones so I gave them all to her and told her to keep the change. Ebay guilt?, well, she was nice anyways!

Here's the oh la la factor of the day!

Tiffany and Co. stationary set. We all need a little oh la la, and Tiffany in our lives!

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  1. Great finds! You are right we all need a little luxury in out lives. Your Tiffany find made me smile :)

  2. Hi, am I able to buy this??
    Thank you