Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simply Red Blooms

Who doesn't love a garden filled with flowers? I love gardening, to me it's such a stress reliever! Red flowers always add a special pop of color.

Here's a red with white star amaryllis, given to me by my neighbor. Her grandmother originally planted these bulbs in the 80's. These grow like weeds for me, and bloom off and on throughout the year!

Here is our Hibiscus tree.

One of my favorite summer blooms are these spider lillies! Their leaves grow throughout the year and start dying off early summer. Then you wait, and wait, until one day you wake up, and a lovely bloom has opened for you!

Happy Redness Day from the garden!
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  1. Pretty Blooms in RED

    Happy REDnesday!!

    Kay Elen

  2. I love all flowers. I truly enjoyed seeing all your pretty reds.

  3. ANY red bloom is pleasing to me--as are these three!


    I am feeling red today—
    Better that than blue, they say.

    Red is such a cheery shade,
    Sweetest color ever made,

    Brightens everything you do—
    Better red, they say, than blue!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Temple Lion