Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

Let's get started with the goodjunk finds of the new year, shall we?
Here are some finds from the first thrift store visit of the year:

Most of those items are to sell at a consignment sale. I signed up for one at the end of February and another one in March. The dinosaur plush I will probably sell on ebay. It is a Kohl's/Disney exclusive.

Here is what I found at a yard sale:
Wiggles talking dolls and Hallmark ornaments

Check out the completed listings for these dolls on ebay.

The new year has started out on a good note for me in blogging land, my pyrex was featured at Cap Creations!

Hope you are finding some good treasures!

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  1. I sold a set of four of those Wiggles guys last fall and was so surprised at how high they went for! I will definitely keep my eye out for them again.