Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rummage Sale Finds

This past weekend, another rummage sale was going on! YEAH! You filled a plastic bag for $5.00. I ended up buying 4 bags and one other item.

There was rows and rows of boxes! First I found some plastic teacup toy set, then I found a box filled with Geo Trax. Of course this would be worth it to just fill a bag with these. I was filling my bag, being careful because I didn't want it to bust. Then this lady comes along, and starts taking the trains out. REALLY? I thought that was rude! If someone was getting something from a box, I would wait or ask. SO, at that point I was also just looking for the trains! She eventually left after she commmented, I guess there's no more trains! Okay well, whatever, now I can finish getting the tracks. Here are some completeds on ebay for the Geo Trax.

I also found some vintage Tupperware Tuppertoy stencils. I knew these were good so I grabbed them because I have sold them before. Here are some completed listings.

I also found a box with some CD's. I was going though them and guess who shows up again? Yes, Mrs. Geo Trax Train lady. UUGGHHH...I just grabbed a few I had set aside and moved on. Didn't feel like dealing with her again!

The best buy was this blow up Christmas Nativity. We have wanted one forever but they are expensive, and we always say next year, or what till Christmas is over. This was $5.00, and it works!

I probably could have stayed all day, and found more good stuff, but Mr. Goodjunks and Little Sweetpea had enough treasure hunting. Here's all my junk, I can't believe this was all in 4 bags!!

Have a good day!

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  1. Fantastic finds! I never would have thought about the Tupperware stencils. You should also do well with the Larry VegiTales guy.