Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are you ready for black friday?

(image from my pinterest)

Today the family and I went to Sam's Club. (exciting, I know, right?!) After we left, we passed Best Buy and saw 3 tents set up, with some crazy lovely people waiting for the Best Buy deals. I'm guessing it's for the big flat screen selling for $199. ( A little rumor a friend told me)

I went out last year thinking I was all that and a bag of chips, 'cause Toys R Us was opening at midnight and I was going to beat everybody and get the best deals! HAHA! I left my home around 9pm, and when I entered the shopping center, the line was already around Toys R Us and 5 other buildings. I turned my truck around and we headed home!!

I might go out this Friday, but not at the crack of dawn. Maybe~`don't know yet! Well, if you are one of those lovely people who has a great Black Friday plan, KUDOS TO YOU!


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  1. Camping out in tents already!? That is a bit bonkers... Good luck on Friday!